About Dandana Gourmet Restaurant

Dandana means, Singing in a low voice. Music has a close connection to food and drink. It creates the atmosphere to enjoy food and drink in a quiet musical atmosphere surrounded by oriental inspired décor.

Dandana Restaurant serves the most delicious local, western and oriental dishes with a special Syrian touch derived from the great Syrian cuisine reputed for its authentic and innovative dishes.

Dandana more than just a restaurant, it is simply a lifestyle.


  1. Authentic taste of food
    Natural organic materials specially imported for the restaurant from farms and pastures and processed by the most skilled chefs to take the distinctive Dandana taste
  2. A vital site to repeat
    Steps from the sea and canals, close to the city and far from the noise, close to the airport, luxury hotels, bustling Ferrari world and crowded shopping centers, at the same time it sits in a quiet corner.
  3. Special equipment
    Dandana Gourmet is the only restaurant in the UAE that conveys the completely pure nature air of the restaurant after its treatment and adaptation.
    – Distinctive audio equipment ensures harmony
    – A built-in concert system in surveillance systems and television with live broadcast
    – Premium TV system
  4. Suitable for all family members
    With special sessions for women and children and a place and playgrounds for children’s games in the neighborhood with the possibility of monitoring your children with smart devices.
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